Our Projects

Animal shelter

Animals are most loving creation of God. They are way too loyal, understanding and best friends of humans.
We have to understand the fact that God created earth not only for humans but for animals too, we should forward step towards the well-being of animals and understand our responsibility towards them. They hold the same rights on earth like us.
We have built various animal shelters across Uttrakhand. We not only provide them shelter but also provide them love and care they deserve.
We re-habilitate unwanted or abandoned animals.
Animals are not able to speak but they speak a language of love, they show their emotions, their feelings through their actions. The behavior of an animal depends on how you treat them. Learn to love and respect the animals.
Our mission is to provide shelter to abandoned, injured or stray animals and make this planet a beautiful place for them to live.


Health and Wellness is an important issue to be discussed. Students should be made time to time aware with the increasing diseases and health issues. Also, they must know about the prevention, cure or treatments for diseases or disabilities. We organize free Workshops and Camps in various special schools around Uttrakhand to impart health awareness.
Our motive is to make students aware on how to mitigate the effects of disabilities that people are suffering from and that's why we focus on special schools and offers our Workshops there. We want to make them mindful of the fact that their disability is not an obstacle in their dreams; it is an opportunity for them to recognize their abilities or to use their abilities in a right manner. Just with this true and good motive, Our Trust works dedicatedly all through the year.

Free councelling to disabled community

Counseling is an effective way to create confidence in the people. We listen to the problems or discomfort of individuals and suggestions are given accordingly to solve their problems. Many times, people become frustrated or discouraged because of their disability. They lose their interest in fulfilling their dreams and eventually drop them. By our free counseling sessions, we aim to encourage them towards their dream and want them to take a step in fulfilling them rather than sit hopelessly.
Disabled community is a source of excellence, enrichment, and strength. We work to remove disability barriers from their life and further encourage them to achieve a great success in their life. With the motive of developing a sense of self-empowerment in practical, emotional and social areas in the disabled community, we organize this free counseling sessions as part of our service.


Yoga & Meditation together is a beautiful combination to achieve peace, comfort, and calmness. It leads to a blissful life. Yoga and meditation, both are very beneficial in establishing a focused mind. But, still today due to lack of sources, not all are aware with the benefit of yoga & meditation. So, with the clear motive of making people aware with its benefit and provide the same of it, we organize free Camps of Yoga and Meditation across the world.
These camps are specially designed for the Disabled Community. We work hard to bring people attend the camp and Workshops on Yoga and Meditation as it is a proved Science to be very effective in providing a life free from diseases. Not only this, Yoga and meditation is also an effective tool to mitigate the symptoms of the disease and prevent it from happening further to a great extent.


There are many schools in Uttarakhand situated far away from reach and are not fully developed. Students, studying there find it difficult to get their daily basic need items or study material, like uniforms, books and much more. We targeted these schools and provide them all required material for enhancing their education.
We put in our best efforts and sources to give them that facilities from which they are deprived of. Also, we provide study material (like a blackboard, tables, water coolers, fans etc) to the school so that students get benefitted by them. We also facilitate Medical and life Insurance for the people working in these schools. Studies are the prime right of each and every child and we do not want children to be deprived of their right to study due to lack of things. If we want the bright future of our country, then the first step is to provide every children schooling. So, with this aim to see India progressing, we help the primary schools & students in Uttarakhand's village areas.

Spiritual TourismSpirituality is a State of Mind

Spirituality is innate in Indian culture. The blessing of God gives us strength.
In India, there is an endless list of sacred and spiritual destinations. You will find many renowned temples here where you can find peace and calmness.
In order to understand one’s own self, introspect our own beliefs opinions and dogmas, we need full awareness and mindfulness.
We conduct Spiritual Tours for you so that you get an environment to channelize your energies & to create a new mentality of dwelling Divine Love, Infinite Peace and understanding the Divine pattern. Spiritual tourism for Handicapped and Disabled is given importance in our Centre so that they can explore spirituality in their own way.
Comfortable transport, luxury accommodations, well-planned itinerary, local food and participation in local cultural activities are some of the exclusive features that we take care of while planning your tour. With every facility and utmost care and assistance, we conduct tailor made tours to famed places like; Madhyamaheshwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Rameshwaram, Golden Temple, Vaishno Devi, Shirdi and much more across India.
An efficient team and guides escort the travelers to ensure that no discomfort or uneasiness is experienced during this beautiful journey of spirituality.

Spiritual Retreat in Gangotri

We have established a Spiritual Retreat in Gangotri, a pilgrimage and a small town in the Himalayas 250 km up from Rishikesh. It is one of the most sacred destinations of India.
The serenity and Spiritual vibrations of this acclaimed place is perfect for you to spend a few days here for meditation or just a retreat from the busy world. The snow capped Mountain View and River Ganga flowing here makes this place special. People from all over the world come to visit here for worship and spiritual growth. Natural caves, distinctive wildlife, beautiful jungle walks and a small village market are major attractions of Gangotri.
we provide basic facilities like a comfortable room with attached bathroom, kitchen, electric gadgets, for individuals here to live in peace and harmony with Mother Nature.
A List of other necessary requirements are provided by the manager at Kaashvi, which is imperative to take along for this retreat.
For Further information, more details and queries please contact the Manager at Kaasvi or email at: kaashviwfd@gmail.com