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Sattvic Food

No doubt, the primary requirement of the body is food. One cannot live without food. It is the basic need of the body as it is the source of energy, both mental and physical. The food we eat directly affects our health and the efficiency of our mind. Any disturbance in the intake of food will deteriorate your health and hence leads to many diseases. According to the yogic science, human body organs such as kidney, heart, and liver has a life span of around 300 years but due to the improper food intake, their life span is continuously decreasing. So, it is very necessary to eat a balanced diet.

Ayurveda suggested, "Sattvic Food" best for healthy living. Sattvic food is abundant in Prana (The Universal life force) and considered as the purest diet for a spiritual & healthy life. It calms and purifies the mind; also it nourishes the body to maintain it in a peaceful state. This food has a cleansing effect on the body. It leads to a balanced flow of energy between body and mind. A sattvic diet generally contains fresh and organic food & vegetables, dairy products, beans & lentils, Plant-based products, whole grains, mildly sweet foods such as honey, and some spices.

At Kaashvi, we provide sattvic food to residents as well as their guests and assistants. Food given to the guests is prescribed by the therapist. You are free to have meals in your room or dining area according to your convenience


We provide fully furnished Luxurious and hygienic rooms with attached bathrooms on single or double sharing basis (room shared only by your assistant, relative or guest) at Kaashvi. Accommodation is furnished with the facilities of TV, telephone, Wi-Fi, electric kettle, books, and alarm in each room. Besides this, 24 hours hot and cold running water is available.

Centre environment is well designed to make the individuals easily accessible to their needs. You are welcome to bring your personal assistant for your help with you but on chargeable basis.

    • Charges for the above Accommodation (including all facilities mentioned above) is 7000 INR per Day.

    • Treatment Charges are NOT INCLUDED in the ABOVE MENTIONED CHARGES.

    • Accommodation can be booked, in advance, and will be allotted subject to availability.

    • Making booking online does not ensure the right of accommodation. Final confirmation of booking is subject to availability at the organizational end.

    • Booking once made cannot be normally altered. In case of over booking, your booking might get canceled and you will be informed through email and the amount will be refunded.

    • Stay at Kaashvi, after securing of your booking, is subject to medical screening at the time of consultation. In case, your condition is found to be beyond the scope of services of Kaashvi, you will be issued immediate discharge and charges that are admissible till that time will be deducted and refund will be made accordingly.

    • An advance amount equivalent to one-week charges of the accommodation as requested by the patient is payable online & transfer to our bank account on confirmation of the desired accommodation. The advance amount will be non-refundable.

    • In case the health seeker cancels the confirmed booking, his request for refund of advance will not be entertained. However, the health seeker has the privilege to utilize his advance payment against billing within next 3 months. Thereafter, the amount of advance will be forfeited.

    • Since Kaashvi is dedicated to traditional systems of healing, it takes time to appreciate the benefits of the treatments. Therefore, it is mandatory to stay for minimum 7 nights at Kaashvi. Health seeker desiring volunteer discharge before 3 nights will have to pay mandatory room rent for the said duration.

    • Full charges for the period of stay and treatment (as prescribed by the doctors) are to be paid in advance at the time of admission.

    • Sharing of rooms is not allowed, as certain treatments are given in rooms as per the need and comfort of the individual. Only your assistant, guest or relative is allowed to share your room with your consent but they have to pay for other charges in advance (other than the room charge) and have to adhere the rules & regulations of Kaashvi.

    • Booking Form is available in the admission section of this website. Please fill up the booking form after carefully reading the instructions & send the same online to this Kaashvi. You will then get a confirmation email from the Centre regarding reservation of the accommodation .To which you have to respond by depositing the fees as mentioned in our mail. After which only Your Spot at Kaashvi shall be considered as BOOKED (for the mentioned duration) .This email should be brought by you and produced at the time of admission.

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